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Google Files Patent to Fight Play Store Piracy

O Google filed a patent to keep pirated apps out of Google Play. When analyzing an application sent to the store, an engine will check if it contains significant content copied from another application's programming code. This would avoid, for example, the many similar software in the Android market.

Google Play Store Off-Store Apps
Google further enhance security in the Play Store! / AndroidPIT

When I was in Brazil, I was able to talk to a Google Brazil representative, and if there's one thing I could be sure of that the Play Store is safe. That said, it is clear that the registration of this system for piracy combat in the Android store just one of the many efforts of the company to guarantee the rights of developers.

In a very recent case, we saw a multitude of apps very similar to Flappy Bird being made available on the Play Store. Also known as "clones", these apps are often designed to take advantage of the success of these software and end up taking advantage of their popularity to generate advertising revenue on top of their code.

Now, according to this patent application, the new control mechanism should help the company keep pirated or cloned content out of its store. The system itself is quite complex, but the way it works relatively simple to explain.

First of all, the Google patent requires a reference database of all known and authorized applications that have already been submitted to Google Play by legitimate developers. It then compares the application submitted to its database content to find active codes that have been previously used.

google patent piracy play store
Steps to detect a pirated / cloned app. / Google Patent

According to the patent, the system will not compare the applications presented in their entirety, instead it will search the executable code, data files, images and audio files that appear in applications already in store. Based on this, the referral app will receive a similarity rating.

google patent piracy app
Outline of filtering and recognizing system of reliable active apps. / Google Patent

However, Google has recognized that such a scanning approach could cause problems. Therefore, as many applications use open source or freely available images or audio libraries, the search giant has said it will use a filtering system to prevent these legal apps from being penalized.

And what did you think of this initiative?

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