Google embarks on Android app signing wave

Play Pass will soon be officially released.

The Android platform is about to receive a huge paradigm shift, similar behavior to services such as Spotify, Netflix and Amazon book rental. Have you considered using Android apps without advertisements, without having to buy them, without in-app microtransactions and all that legally?


It's almost time for Google Play Pass soon, as the official Google announcement on your Twitter says:

No details about the service have been reported, but since July Google has been developing the service. Thanks to the mobile software developer community XDA and prints of test takers, we know what Play Pass is all about. This new venture can be a huge change in the Android market.

Play Pass allows users to pay a monthly fee and have a vast catalog of Android apps. No purchases, advertisements or microtransactions (of course, users can buy apps, but paid apps included in the service can be used without this requirement). In some prints, obtained exclusively by the site Android Police, we can see more details.


Clearly the service inspired by Apple Arcade, the subscription system of its direct competitor, Apple. However, Apple Arcade plans to have exclusive games from top developers, while in the case of Play Pass we have no information. Just what apps and games will be included (exclusive? Maybe).

Will application signing, along the lines of a Spotify and Netflix of life become the industry standard? Do not forget that the Google Stadia intends to do something similar with games. Now it remains to be seen if the value will be taken into account for us Brazilians, when the service is launched and made available to other countries.

Would you pay a monthly fee to use apps without buying or viewing advertisements? If Play Pass has games, in my view, it can be very interesting. After all, microtransactions are not short (you end up spending grain-to-grain horrors the chicken fills the bill and empties my wallet).

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