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Google Duo receives group call function

Google's audio / video calling app gets a major upgrade.

Google dominates various sectors of technology and without a doubt when thinking about search or smartphones, there is "a little foot of Google, not to mention its domain in these markets ().


Duo is Google's audio and video calling app. Known to be very economical and efficient, even with low-connection internet, 3G, the search giant's app has remained in the market, unlike its "Google WhatsApp response" Google Allo.

Hangouts replacement?

Prior to the last update, Google Duo only made private calls, however after the update a feature resembling Hangouts was added.


With the new version you can create groups with your contacts, and make a call with several people, similar to Hangouts. However the functionality is present only in the mobile version of the app and in some countries, Brazil is among them, so can celebrate ().


Its web version has not yet been contemplated with the feature, but I believe it is a matter of time. Since not all countries have received this news, perhaps the option will only come to the web application when it is released to all countries.

At least for the moment, I don't think the Duo will replace Hangouts, but looking at the long term seems to me wise to replace it.

And you, do you use Google Duo? So far he has not let me down, and it worked best with my "very good 2g / 3g data pack".

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