Google Drive: this April 1st prank was played last year

GDrive logoOur reader Gabriel, reading the post I published yesterday, reminded me that last year Google officially announced the launch of Google Drive and that this was a April 1st joke.

Thanks to Gabriel for more than timely memory. I confess that, when I was writing that post, I remembered that I could do something in this sense, but in previous years and not specifically this official website. I searched and found nothing. I thought I was wrong. I apologize to everyone for failing to give this information. I was betrayed by my memory.

The game was very tasty and even had Discussion group created by Google. Now, I was wondering: what if they announced again this year? THE Haochi it’s the Philipp Lenssen they would be the first to deny (and I, probably, the third, because I like to read both). But it could be a major publicity stunt, because the press from around the world would criticize Google for rehashing pranks, which would demonstrate that its innovative power would be in check. So, as long as the entire press was beating, Google would start releasing GDrive for one user here, another there and the public debate would heat up again, everyone wanting to know if it was true that there were people who would have received their GDrive account.

It will not be done. However, if you do, it will be a brilliant publicity stunt.