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Google Drive reduces prices: $ 10 per 1TB of cloud space

Google announced on Thursday a significant reduction in prices for its cloud storage service, the Google Drive. Now users pay only $ 2 per month for 100 GB of storage, or $ 10 per month for 1 TB of space, about $ 23.

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<p>Before the move, the same 100GB cost $ 5, while 1TB cost $ 50, about $ 115 a month. The new values ​​are for users who need more than 15 GB, as this is the space Google offers for free. The price cut comes to show Google's willingness to take the lead in the cloud storage market, which has major competitors such as Dropbox, OneDrive, Cloud Drive and Brazil's Mandic.</p><div class=

All competitors offer free space. In Dropbox, for the same $ 10 / ms, the user has only 100GB of storage. This space costs on OneDrive $ 7.50 monthly. Still, nearly four times more expensive than Google's service.

Price changes are starting today and should force competitors to reevaluate their offers. Check out all Google Drive plans here.

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