Google Docs offers thumbnail preview

Google Docs today launched a new feature that allows you to view the thumbnail of files hosted on the service.

Before, it was only possible to view the details of the files, such as name, folder and date of the last edition. Now, with the thumbnails, finding the desired file is much easier. But it is still possible to view the old listing, with the details of the files. Any similarity to Windows Explorer is purely coincidental. 😛

The novelty came shortly after Google transform Google Docs on the legendary GDrive, with the possibility to store files of any length, with a 250MB limit here, and with 1GB of free space available.

In addition to the thumbnails, Docs now has a spellchecker in search, which makes suggestions in the same way as Google Search. You will never fail to find that document on Google for having done the search with the term “guugle”. : D

Users who have not purchased additional space can only hope that the charitable Mountain View giant will increase the space for free file hosting to at least 5GB. 🙂

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