Google directly accounts for 20% of Apple's service revenue

Google directly accounts for 20% of Apple's service revenue

Much is said about the segment Services Apple and how it could soon take the place of the iPhone as the company's most lucrative and main growth engine. In fact, revenue from Ma services reached another historic record in the last fiscal quarter: $ 10.9 billion. What we don't remember is that a significant part of this money comes from a very specific place: Mountain View, California.

Goldman Sachs analysts published on CNBC a report exposing how the Google still directly responsible for about 20% from Apple's Services sector revenue simply to secure its place as a standard browser browser in Safari. According to analyst Rod Hall, in 2018 only the giant paid about $ 10 billion Apple for this deal even higher estimate than we had commented last September.

This, of course, is ideal for Apple: if the company really wants the segment to take even bigger flights to the point of becoming its flagship, it may well be that it doesn't get one-fifth of its revenue paid directly by one of its top brands. competitors.

Hall felt that in order to get rid of Google's dependency and to consider this annual payment just as a nice bonus and not as a fundamental part, Apple would have to make the industry grow even more by between 5% and 9% higher than it currently has. .

The obvious solution to boost this growth, said the analyst, is precisely what we are all waiting for: the launch of Apple's new media platform, including Apple Music, the music service. streaming of movies / series and the "Netflix of magazines" being planned in the Cupertino basements. Some of these news, who knows, may be seen next month.

It remains to be seen, of course, how much Apple intends to charge for this platform and how the company intends to attract new users to it, as well as those already in its ecosystem. The answers to these questions should come soon.

via 9to5Mac