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Google creates test to encourage download of customization apps

We all know Android is all about personalization, right? You can change the look of the icons, choose a specific launcher and add shortcuts to the main uses of the device. Anyway, even without system administrative access, you can still modify a lot and leave your Android with your face. However, not all users know this and Google decided to encourage app downloads by creating a test.

The search giant has launched the "#myAndroid proof test" to help users customize their smartphones. First, you go to the official #myAndroid page and have to answer a question about your personal taste regarding some topics, such as maximalism or minimalism, modern or vintage. After that, Google offers three user interface options based on your responses. So don't lie too much.

Opinion by Camila Rinaldi

I found the initiative very good, especially to show new Android users how versatile the system can be.

Each of the three options can be applied to your smartphone's UI with the help of some apps available on the Play Store. Of course, you can download them directly from the #myAndroid page at the end of the test. Suggestions include wallpaper apps, icon packs, launchers, widgets, and keyboards.

I tested and liked it, but …

This morning I decided to do the test and after a few minutes I downloaded at least two applications that I didn't know, one of them even started using, called Evie and an Android launcher.

myandroid test
I'm giving Evie a try after the #myAndroid quiz / AndroidPIT

Honestly, I found the initiative quite good, especially to show new Android users how versatile the system can be. However, I also felt a bar pull to the side of Gboard, the Google keyboard for Android. I don't like the app, by the way, I've been using Gboard for a while and I really enjoy using it, but all my keyboard variations on the #myAndroid test suggested the Google keyboard.

Evie Launcher
Install on Google Play

Gboard the Google Keyboard
Install on Google Play

This didn't just happen to me, I saw many users who also took the test and complained about it. Another thing that caught my attention was the use of LG G6 as the official model of the test site. Typically, Google chooses to use a device of its own, such as Nexus or Pixel. Will we once again have the partnership between Google and LG for a new Pixel?

Have you taken the test yet? What do you think?

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