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Google Conversation Mode: we envision this for you!

In July of this year, when we questioned which paths, which would be followed by the Google over the next 10 years, we said that, the search giant is investing a lot in speech recognition, transformation of current speech into text and automatic translation. We also said that the main objective would be for the user to speak on a cell phone in one language (example: Portuguese) with someone who only speaks in another language (ex: Japanese) and that interlocutor will listen in his own language. Likewise, that interlocutor will be able to speak in Japanese and the first to hear in Portuguese.

Today, in Germany, Eric Schmidt demonstrated this system, the Google Conversation Mode, still in the testing phase, which should be released in a few months, for Android phones, which means that I, who have an iPhone, will continue, at least for now, without the application. PROTEST!

It seems that, initially, there is only the English-German, or at least today only this pair of languages ​​has been shown. However, this can already be considered a gigantic innovation and part of what will be the cell phones of the future.

This means that we can dream of a Google Docs with current speech recognition and its transformation into text for a horizon of 3 to 5 years.

Ah! We apologize to readers for the big mistake made in the July post. After all, we anticipate that the features of Google Conversation Mode would only come in 2020.