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Google considers that Zoom is not safe and prohibits employees from using the platform

AZoom has been one of the most used tools during isolation due to the COVID-19 pandemic, especially by telecommuting companies and students taking classes at home. But the strong support also brought security and privacy concerns to the company, which has been the target of accusations. Google has revealed that it has banned its employees from using Zoom, precisely because it considers that it does not have vulnerabilities, says Buzz Feed news.

And Google is not the first major technology to take this precautionary measure. Elon Musk's SpaceX recently banned its employees from using it, for the same safety reasons. Previously, the State of New York decided to ban the use of the videoconferencing platform due also to several complaints of problems regarding security and privacy issues during the registration process.

In the case of Google, the technology has sent an email to its employees that their work computers would block the application, highlighting its internal policy that prevents employees from using apps that are not approved outside the company's network. Still, note that you can continue to Zoom or through the browser version or on smartphones.

Zoom's user base exploded during the coronavirus pandemic. In December 2019 it had about 10 million daily users, but in March it registered close to 200 million per day. The problems with Zoom started in March, when she was accused of sharing analytical data with Facebook even when users did not have an account on the social network. Then it was the FBI to warn of the dangers of cybersecurity linked to Zoom, with several conference complaints being interrupted by pornographic messages or threats.

The company has already responded and is forming a security council, having hired Alex Stamos, former Facebook security chief, to serve as an advisor. This group of executives already has names from Netflix, Uber, Eletronic Arts and other companies. As Alex Stamos says in a publication on Medium, it was Zoom's own founder, Eric Yuan, who invited the expert to solve the security challenge.

Alexa Stamos was impressed with the commitment and vision of Zoom's CEO in making the platform reliable, which accepted the challenge of making it secure and focused on privacy issues. However, they keep their distance, stating that they are not an employee or executive of the company, but rather a consultant. As my CV suggests, I am attracted to difficult problems, says the expert in his message.

In a CNN interview, Eric Yuan, CEO of Zoomrecm-admitted to Forbes' most recent list of billionaires, admitted that the company had some mishaps, indicating that Zoom was initially designed for organizations and companies. Due to the COVID-19 crisis, we are moving too quickly, said the official. In early April, the CEO left the company's official blog an apology to users.