Google confirms the end of the Hangouts Meet brand and the app is renamed Google Meet

The move to Google Meet brings the video call app closer to other services with the company name, such as Google Maps, Google Drive and others

At the height of videoconferencing apps due to the coronavirus (COVID-19), The Google is making brand changes Hangouts. The research giant confirmed that the Hangouts Meet rename Google Meet. The change is still global, but it is happening gradually on some service platforms.

THE rebranding places the video call app next to other services with the company name, such as Google Drive, Google Maps, Google Keep, Google Docs, Google Assistant and many others. In addition, the brand Google Meet may be more relevant now, since the zoom has been facing privacy scandals.

Gradual change

People screen using the new Google MeetThe name Google Meet will be used gradually in all countries

For now, the brand Google Meet is being employed little by little. On the support page for the Portuguese video call app, the name Google Meet j appears at the top. However, in accordions (where there are questions and answers about the service), the company kept the Hangouts Meet. Now in the English version, Google Meet appears in all areas of the page.

In app stores (Android and iOS), the application remains Hangouts Meet, but rumors indicate that the change should occur as soon as the Google Meet win a new logo.

The company did not announce in advance that it would work on this possible change. To the Android Police website, the Google confirmed yesterday (8/4) that the brand Hangouts Meet be discontinued and from now on it becomes known as Google Meet. The company also said that this transition will occur gradually.

What about the other Hangouts services?

Hangouts service logos (Google Meet)It’s still not possible to know if the other Hangouts apps will be named Google

Know if the rebranding reach other apps Hangouts still an unknown. For now, there are four brand apps: Hangouts, Hangouts Meet (Google Meet), Hangouts Chat and Hangouts Dialer – Call Phones. All of these services are expected to undergo a makeover.

So far, there is no official timetable for the Google Meet arrive for good. Therefore, we will have to keep an eye on. It is worth remembering that the Hangouts has not achieved as much success as a brand and even seems like an unknown service Google. Perhaps, with the home office (or home office, in free translation) and video call apps, the change in the Google it can make perfect sense.

How to access Hangouts Meet

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Source: Android Police; Google.