Google Cloud and Dropbox will integrate platforms

Google Cloud and Dropbox this week announced a partnership with the goal of offering a more unified tool to its users.

In this way, Dropbox plans to develop a series of multiplatform integrations that connect G Suite cloud productivity tools and content (Gmail, Documents, Sheets, Slides, Hangouts) with its global collaboration platform.

These integrations will be accessible to all Dropbox users and will allow users to create, open and edit Google Docs, Sheets and Slides that are stored in Dropbox.

Within Dropbox, on the other hand, users will have the option to open and edit compatible files directly on Google Docs, Sheets and Slides.

Dropbox Business administrators will be able to manage Google Docs, Sheets and Slides just like any other content on Dropbox.

“Our goal is to make G Suite accessible, no matter what tools you use to work with,” says Ritcha Ranjan, director of product management at Google Cloud.

“Working with Dropbox to make our apps work better together helps our customers to direct their time at work that really matters.”

Dropbox also announced the development of additional integrations with Gmail and Hangouts Chat; as well as a new Dropbox for Gmail add-ons.

“Users will be able to select and generate Dropbox file links directly from Gmail. In addition, they can choose to view metadata in Dropbox content in Gmail, including creation date, last saved version and last access ”, published the company.

A new integration of Dropbox Chat and Google Hangouts will also allow users to search, share and view Dropbox files on Google Hangouts.