Google Chrome’s Global Market Share may reach 3%


The company GetClicky, which specializes in measuring 45,000 websites over the internet, announced today that the global share of Google Chrome may soon reach 3%.

Using an aggressive tactic, the company Google added a call on its home pages around the world inviting users to try the new product. For the percentage shown by GetClicky, with just one day of action, Google Chrome shows signs that it can move forward in the browser market very quickly.

In an interview with Folha Online, Félix Ximenes, Google’s Communication Director, compared the action to “a great television channel that uses prime time to promote a specific program”.

Percentage reproduced at 11:38 am (9/03/08):

MSIE: 62.28112%

Firefox: 28.62817%

Opera: 1.42661%

Safari: 3,68837%

Mobile: 0.45832%

Console (Wii, etc.): 0.02583%

Other: 0.71985%