Google Chrome with Instant Search

As expected, Google showed in a recent version of Google Chrome for developers that it really wants to make searches even faster, this time the Mountain View company plans to boost its browser as a feature integrated with Google Instant.

The Google Operating Sytem blog tried out the novelty: “Chrome’s instant search is quite surprising. As you type in Chrome’s Omnibox, the browser shows a preview of Google results for that query. The feature is still not ideal as it does not use Google forecasts that speed up the entry of a query ”.

If you are interested in activating the feature, add the following command line in the Chrome shortcut: –enable-match-preview (in Windows, right click on the shortcut, select “Properties” and add in the “destination” field ”).

Consulted by Google Discovery, a Google employee confirmed the rumors: “The integration of Google Instant with Google Chrome’s Omnibox is in progress.”


In the video below, you can see the instant search working on Google Chrome Dev.

For some reason, after some research, the message “We’re sorry… but it appears your computer is sending automated requests”Started showing. Yes, Google thought I was doing automated searches on Google Search. 😛