Google Chrome will get support for macOS Mojave Dark Mode soon

Google Chrome will get support for macOS Mojave Dark Mode soon

If you need a good reason not to use the Google Chrome in macOS Mojave, the fact that he still can't stand his Dark Mode (Dark mode). But that, fortunately, will change in early 2019.

As pointed out by MacRumors, one of Google's browser developers reported last week a commit that enables Dark Mode support in Google Chrome Canary basically, the channel alpha from the browser. Since Chrome's development channel is now in version 72, this news may be made official to everyone with the launch of Chrome 73 (updates usually come out every six weeks).

Google Chrome with dark interface on

Much of Google's work is already advanced, including the fact that Chrome Incognito mode already makes your interface all dark. So, it's just a matter of differentiating it from normal mode in some way and obviously adapting the rest of the interface to Dark Mode.

For those enjoying MacOS Mojave Dark Mode, the good news is that all the other great browsers have already been properly adapted for it. Besides Safari, of course, we also have Opera and Firefox already working very well, thanks.

Unfortunately, it is still no use simply installing Google Chrome Canary to test Dark Mode. As quite preliminary in the code, it can only be enabled through some special command in Terminal.