Google Chrome will gain support for Add-Ons and User Scripts

THE Information Week, one of the two most respected sites in the USA, confirmed today that Google Chrome will gain add-ons and script support, similar to those existing for Greasemonkey.

According to Ojan Vafai, Google Engineer, there will be two different types of add-ons for Google Chome: the famous add-on and user scripts, which alter, for example, the CSS of websites or implement inline features on a page of Internet.

Aaron Boodman, founder of Greasemonkey, who works on the Google team, explained that the company’s intention is really to enable users to “extend” the browser by allowing the addition of features.

Vafai also commented that Google will work to ensure that its extensions have greater stability than in Firefox, which are supposed to have “instability problems”. While the statement may be “aggressive” for Mozilla, both browsers are expected to “fight” for innovation and quality.