Google Chrome Themes Gallery

Google released on Tuesday a themes gallery for Google Chrome browser. There are 28 themes created by the Mountain View firm and are available for the Google Chrome 3.0 Beta, Google Chrome 3.0 Developer Preview or for a recent build of Chromium.


“Installing a theme is not a simple process: you need to download the .CRX file and then Google Chrome loads the theme and offers the option to revert to the default theme. It is not possible to preview the themes before installing and there is no interface for management. The only way to uninstall themes, extensions and reload themes is to type chrome: // extensions / in the address bar, ”explained Alex Chitu of the Google Operating System.

If you are interested in creating a custom theme, a documentation made by the Google Chrome team explains all the details. In addition to the gallery, you can also find two extra themes this page (theme.crx will be shown as “Camo” and theme2.crx as “Snowflake”).