Google Chrome Review for Android

Normally your Android smarthphone does not come standard as Google Chrome browser installed and so we evaluate it for you to decide if it is worth installing Google browser for Android phones.


The fast navigation as expected mainly because Google Chrome has page loading acceleration feature. The visualization on the pages is excellent, from simple pages to map pages and videos.

In advanced accessibility settings it is still possible to set text scaling and force zoom activation for a more enjoyable navigation.

Navigation and search can be done directly through omnibox.

A great feature is integration with Google voice search. Say what you want and the search returns results without having to type your search. It is a key feature for those who use the phone a lot while on the wheel.


Using the phone's option key you can access various options for Google Chrome for Android. Highlight page forward and backward, bookmarks, new annima tab and share!


It is possible to open unlimited tabs and to change or create new tab is very simple in an easy to view interface.


Sync is the highlight of Google Chrome for Android. Once you sign in to Google Chrome, you can sync your bookmarks from your computer, an indispensable feature.

Google Mobile bookmarks are also available to optimize navigation and allow you to manage them through your PC.

You can also view the tabs that are open on your computer! I had not even thought of that, but it may be useful in some situations! -]

Basic Configuration

Choosing the search engines you want to use, enabling automatic formula completion, and saving passwords are indispensable for use on mobile devices.


Google Chrome even offers private browsing in incognito mode, most visited pages, and a host of advanced settings.


It's so stable that it doesn't even look like a beta and we hope it will be the default Android browser in the future, so don't waste time, download the Google Chrome browser for Android now!