Google Chrome is the third most used browser

According to a recent report, released by Net Applications, Google Chrome maintained the third position in the ranking of the most used browsers.

In one year, Chrome increased its market share from 2.18% in May 2009 to 6.73% in April 2010. This represents a 208% increase in browser penetration in the market.

Mozilla’s Firefox browser also saw an increase in market share, but infinitely less than Google’s browser. It jumped from 22.75% in May 2009 to 24.59% in April 2010. A timid 8% increase in participation.

In return, Internet Explorer continues its steep decline. The Redmond company’s browser experienced a 12% decrease in market share, from 68.10% in May 2009 to 59.95% in April 2010.

Apple’s Safari, which lost third place to Chrome in December last year, also increased its market share, but in a very skimpy way. Despite having achieved more market than Firefox, Apple’s browser increased its share by 27.56%, jumping from 3.70% to 4.72%.

Two issues caught my attention in the data released:

  • The sharp and steady decline in the market share of Microsoft’s browser, despite the launch of Internet Explorer 8 recently;
  • The difficulty of gaining market that Safari is having, despite the spread of Apple devices equipped with the browser and the Windows version.

Now, we can only observe, closely, the next chapters of this war, in which the user only has to win.

The complete survey can be seen on the Net Marketshare.