Google Chrome guides for a good cause

Google today announced a new extension for Chrome that promises to unite the browser user community around a good cause.

“Install the extension ‘Chrome for a cause‘and its web browsing will drive donations to charities around the world. Between December 15-19, each new open guide will support an important cause, ”explained the company.

The total of open tabs will be counted to determine a donation made on behalf of the Chrome community, amounting to up to $ 1 million. Below, the donations that your guides can generate:

  • 10 tabs = 1 planted tree
  • 10 tabs = 1 published and donated book
  • 25 guides = 1 treatment and vaccination
  • 100 guides = 1 square meter of shelter built
  • 200 guides = 1 clean water per person for one year

To participate, you must have a Google account. To learn more about this effort and the organizations you are partnering with, visit this link.