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Google Chrome: Google Browser Revealed!

Google Browser

According to Philipp Lenssen, editor of blog Blogoscoped, one supposed book(comic book) created by Google would have been sent to your residence recently. With 38 pages and drawings by Scott McCloud, creator of the classic Understanding Comics, the book describes in technical details an open source browser project called Google Chrome.

Although the book provides a link to (not yet active), the blog reveals some details of this new application that may be launched soon with the Google brand. Below, we have reproduced in Portuguese some of the possible features described by Philipp Lenssen about Google Browser (I can’t believe I’m writing this):

  • Named Google Chrome, the browser is an open source project created by Google and will be based on the Webkit rendering engine. In addition to including Google Gears functionality.
  • The browser will include a virtual machine called JavaScript V8, built from scratch by a team in Denmark, and will possibly be released to other browsers as well. One of the goals of V8 development is to accelerate the performance of JavaScript in the browser.
  • Google Chrome will use special tabs. Instead of traditional tabs like those seen in Firefox, Chrome will place tab buttons at the top of the window and not below the address bar.
  • The browser will also display an address bar with suggestion functionality. Called “omnibox” by Google, this feature will offer search suggestions, title of pages visited, as well as pages you don’t visit but are popular and more.
  • As a standard homepage, Chrome will present a kind of speed dial feature, similar to the existing one in Opera. On this screen you will see the most visited pages in 9 thumbnails as a preview. To the side, you can view your recent searches and your favorite pages, as well as recently closed tabs.
  • Chrome will have a privacy mode; Google says that users will be able to create an “incognita” window that will allow them to browse without any worries about storing data on the local computer. Would a response from Google be the latest version of Internet Explorer?
  • Web applications can be launched in the browser window itself, without the address bar and toolbar. This functionality is similar to the Mozilla Prism project, which allows you to create web applications easily and independently – using Firefox technology.
  • For combat malware and phishing scams, Chrome will constantly download lists of harmful sites. Google also promises that any tab will work to prevent any threat from affecting the user’s machine, as well as offering an easy way to close the harmful tab. This security feature may fail if additional plugins are installed, Google warns.

This post is historical for those who follow Google and its products. We look forward to Google Chrome. =)