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Google Chrome gets sound effects

With the intention of creating a magical and immersive experience, Google Chrome has just gained sounds.

After studying, over the past few months, the Nyquist-Whittaker-Kotelnikov-Shannon theorem, Franssen effects and an 11.1 surround sound system, Google created an extension for Google Chrome that makes using the browser much more enjoyable.

While using Chrome, when opening new tabs, using the scroll bar, reloading pages, closing and dragging tabs, sound effects will start to be emitted by the browser.

According to the development team, a considerable increase in productivity will be felt by everyone who uses the extension.

Also according to the team, as the browser already has an excellent look and now reassuring sounds, the next challenge will be to make the olfactory experience even more interesting.

To enjoy the new feature, simply install the extension Chrome Sounds. If you do not have the Google Chrome installed, do not waste time and install immediately.