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Google Chrome gets news on the web and iOS; GoPro and WordPress are updated

Some apps have recently been updated with good news for the web and iOS.

O Google, for example, is bringing the automatic Dark Mode page to desktop version and has implemented several improvements to the iOS app.

J the apps GoPro and WordPress received a brief overview of mobile platform improvements, as we will see below.

Google Chrome

Beginning with the news of its desktop app, the Mountain View giant's browser will soon gain support for Smart Dark Mode for web pages, which automatically modifies the look of a website to Google Chrome preferences.

This feature is currently only available on Android, but the code that enables it is compatible with multiple platforms, which means you can take advantage of the option on macOS, Windows, and Chrome OS devices.

What makes Chrome Dark Mode for webpages different is that it allows users to adjust the profile of this appearance so as not to disturb the readability of a particular page. While Google points to desktop availability, the news is not yet foreseen for the iOS app.

Google Chrome app icon

Speaking of the mobile version of the browser, it has recently been updated with some new features and improvements that will certainly help in browsing performance and quality. Among them, the "Find" option now works on iFrames, such as AMP pages.

Also, when creating a new account on a website, the browser will suggest a strong and unique password that you can choose or not. What's more, your history can now be more reliably synchronized and deleted, and the password saving API has been redesigned.


GoPro app icon

The GoPro app has reached its sixth version with a number of new features and enhancements, including the ability to export your QuikStories and save them automatically to any online storage service.

Editing features have been enhanced with 4: 3 aspect ratio support and options for combining filters in the same project, as well as adding music and effects all through iPhone. In addition, you can now sort your app's media files by creation or download date, better organizing your library.


WordPress app icon

The WordPress app for iOS has, in the latest update, gained the ability to create / edit posts even if your device is offline. Previews have also been honored with more visible blocks, cleaner post lists, and more accessible settings.

via 9to5Google, 9to5Mac