Final version of Google Chrome 4.0 released

Google Chrome gets native PDF viewer

In recent times, we have been able to follow a significant growth in the use of PDF files. After all, nothing more practical to distribute online content, especially texts, without losing formatting. In addition, it is possible to prevent editing and even printing PDF files.

For users to be able to access PDF files, there is a need to have a format reader installed on the computer. The most famous is Adobe Reader, whose creative company is the same company that developed PDF in 1993: Adobe Systems.

In the case of internet users, the situation is no different. Browsers have plug-ins that allow you to view this type of file directly in the browser, without the user having to save it and only then be able to view it. But such plug-ins pose a challenge when it comes to security, performance and compatibility.

Thinking about it, Google has just incorporated, in Google Chrome, the plug-in Chrome PDF Viewer.

As a result of the partnership between Google and Adobe, Chrome PDF Viewer works in the same way as Flash Player, also recently incorporated into Chrome. With it, the user can read all the PDF files he wants, without the need to install any type of add-on on his computer or browser.

By default, the plug-in is disabled in the browser. To activate it, type about: plugins at omnibox and press enter. Then, just locate the Chrome PDF Viewer and click on Activate.

Ready. From now on, any and all links that take you to a PDF file, will be displayed by the newly activated functionality.

The plug-in turns the file into an HTML page, allowing users to make use of the browser’s zoom feature, in addition to, of course, allowing the user to search the file’s content.

Currently, the plug-in does not support all the advanced features found in Adobe Reader, such as some types of embedded media, for example. For users who need to have access to these resources, the plug-in should soon give the user the possibility to open the file in Adobe Reader.

As with the plug-in for viewing Flash videos, there is no need for the user to worry about updating it. Whenever a newer version is made available, it will be downloaded together with the Google Chrome update.

Chrome PDF Viewer is available in version dev 6.0.437.1 or higher and, initially, only for Windows and Mac. Google is working to make it available to Linux users as soon as possible.

Thanks to the friend Newton Mota for the tip!