Google Chrome Frame brings HTML5 and new technologies to Internet Explorer

To prevent new technologies developed on Google Wave from being completely ignored by Internet Explorer, the Mountain View firm announced this Tuesday a plugin that adds the Google Chrome browsing experience within the Microsoft browser.


“Like Google Chrome Frame, developers can take advantage of the latest open web technologies, even in Internet Explorer. From a faster Javascript engine, support for current web technologies like HTML5 offline capability and modern CSS / layout manipulation ”explained Amit Joshi, Software Engineer, Alex Russell, Software Engineer and Mike Smith, Product Manager at Google.

To activate the Google Chrome Frame plugin on Internet Explorer, developers must add the tag (below) to the source code of the service page.

“When Google Chrome Frame detects the tag, the plugin automatically changes the rendering engine to use the Google Chrome WebKit. Too easy. For users, installing Google Chrome Frame will allow them to fully enjoy modern web apps and at very high speeds, through the familiar interface of the version of IE that they are currently using ”concludes the Chrome team.

* The plugin works on Internet Explorer versions 6, 7 and 8.