Google Chrome for iOS now has open source, as do its counterparts on other platforms

Through the official blog of the Chromium project, Google today brought a very interesting novelty for users and enthusiasts of the Chrome for iOS: the application will now have its code open, as it already happened in the browser versions for Windows, macOS, Linux and Android.

Chrome for iOS

The reason that iOS iOS Chrome was the only family to keep the code closed so far was that, unlike its counterparts for other platforms, the version for Apple's mobile operating system uses, due to platform restrictions, the engine of rendering of Ma itself, WebKit (the other versions use Google's own engine, called Blink). In order not to make the Chromium project too complex, the company preferred to keep the browser for iOS away from the others so far.

According to Google, all necessary modifications to the base code of Chromium were made so that it also supports WebKit, which finally allowed the company to open the Chrome code for iOS.

In practice, this change will not be visible to ordinary users; however, the possibility of compiling the iOS version of Chromium like that of any other platform will certainly speed up the development of new versions of Chrome for iPhone / iPad a lot, since tests can be done at once for all the “Chromes” available . It is also good to note that iOS developers have a new “starting point” in case they want to build a new browser for the system, just take the base code of Chromium and build from it.

For us mere mortals, Chrome remains available for free on the App Store as it always has been. But how good things are going forward!

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