Google Chrome for iOS is updated; Spark, SoundHound and Overcast Get News

Google Chrome for iOS is updated; Spark, SoundHound and Overcast Get News

Recently, some apps for iOS and macOS have been updated with some very interesting news. Among them, the browser Google Chrome, the email client Spark, the music recognition app Soundhound and the podcast player Overcast. Let's see what's new?

Google Chrome

Google Chrome app icon

In version 74.0.3729.121, Chrome for iOS has gained a little news, but very functional and intuitive. According to the release notes (changelog), it is now possible to paste images of the transfer area into omnibox to do in-app searches.

For those who don't know, omnibox is the API Google uses to search the web and register keywords during searches. With this feature, Chrome combines several other functions, such as search suggestions and site preview.

In short, the news further extends Chrome's standard search options and simplifies the web search process. important to note the attack of phishing, which we commented yesterday, and which still hits browser users on iOS and Android where fake URLs are displayed without the netizen's attention.


Spark app icon - Readdle Email App

Spark app icon - Readdle Email App

The popular cross-platform email client has gained new features and some improvements to increase productivity not only on iOS but also on macOS. More precisely, the app's email composer has gained the “strikethrough” tool and the ability to add image in the middle of the message on iOS.

On macOS, the app also got a short tutorial with shortcut tooltips for all viewing options, including threaded conversations and the email composer.

Another new feature, this more social, allows you to share on Twitter when you reset your inbox, ie read all incoming emails. The screen be shared with the phrase: I'm loving my #inboxzero with Spark.


Overcast app icon

Any Overcast supporters by a? The alternative to the iOS native app for podcast playback has been updated with support for up to one minute sharing of audio or video clips from any public podcast.

Overcast developer Marco Arment explained that he created this feature to introduce a new way to share programs on the web, as such broadcasting was then limited to audio and links, and social networks rely more on images and videos.

Overcast News

The new clip sharing feature can be accessed from the “Share” menu from the iOS share cone located in the upper right corner of the player interface.


SoundHound app icon

SoundHound∞ app icon

The music identifier developed by SoundHound has gained a small feature that allows you to share the music discovered in the Stories from Instagram. This way users will be able to view and access music shared by others directly through the social network.

via 9to5Mac, MacRumors