Google Chrome displays security alerts to Google itself

 imagem6 The Google browser is displaying a security alert when trying to access Google’s own website, an alert that had failed again, causing a stir among website owners who had their domains wrongly accused.


The browser still accuses the searcher’s domain of not having an encrypted connection, which is very unlikely.


According to the certificate information, the one issued by Thawte SCG expired on the second of the current month, but did Google just forget? It seems somewhat unlikely that a company like Google has just completely forgotten about the certificate.


Interestingly, it is possible to find a certificate that protects e-mails and guarantees the identity of a remote computer, among other things, valid since 1996. It will only expire in the year 2028!

Update: Not only with Google: Chrome is accusing all websites visited of not having a certificate or encryption.


Not all users will be able to notice this flaw, as it is probably a bug that will not affect everyone, but there is still the possibility of being a general flaw, which will cause some excitement among Chrome users most suspicious about security. Google had already done something similar when it displayed the warning “this site could harm your computer” in most of its search results on the Web. Is it again a human error or a blacklist failure?


The internet explorer also found no certificate or encryption. Did Google really forget?