Google Chrome: Discover the features of the Google browser


Launched a few hours ago, the browser developed by Google has already won the preference of thousands of users on the internet with its speed and innovative features. Although it is being launched in beta, and consequently with the presence of flaws, users have shown loyalty to Google by trying the novelty without showing any concern.

Below, we highlight some of the most interesting features of Google Chrome:

Speed ​​Dial, Searches and Guides

When opening the browser, or even a new tab, the user may notice some basic differences between Chrome and its competitors. Instead of providing a white screen, Chrome tries to be intuitive by helping the user to perform actions such as visiting the most visited sites, conducting searches on frequently accessed sites, or even reopening that tab that was accidentally closed.

Inline Search

chromeIf you look for products on the Internet very often you will love this novelty. Google Chrome has a technology that “learns” with the activities performed by the users, in the example above, you can search third-party websites through the address bar, quickly and easily.

To try this novelty you can test the following example: visit the and perform a search with any term. Once this is done, close the flap as if you no longer need to use it. One “beautiful day” you decide that you need to do a new search on Amazon, but calm down, Chrome already knows how to search there. Just type part of the address, as soon as the term appears, click the TAB key on the keyboard, and voilà. Perform your searches without having to load the page first.



Unlike other browsers, Google Chrome, by default, does not remove the popup from the user’s screen. In Chrome, the popup is displayed again as a visual element at the bottom of the browser, just push it up to view it if necessary.



One of the great new features of Google Chrome is the possibility to search and view your browsing history in timeline format. In addition to the pleasant look, the information is organized by day and hour, which makes the functionality easy to use.

Smart Tabs


Anyone using Firefox will understand this problem: imagine you with 40 tabs open. Have you tried to close these tabs quickly? When closing a tab, Firefox maximizes the existing ones and the close button disappears and goes elsewhere. Certainly a mess.

In Google Chrome your problems are over! When closing several tabs at the same time, Chrome keeps the size of the tabs so you can close them without having to move the mouse. After closing the necessary tabs and moving the mouse to another location in the browser, a surprise: Google Chrome restores the tabs by enlarging them by the space that was empty.

Incognito mode


Calm down, it’s not what you’re thinking. Incognito mode allows you to use Google Chrome without fear of leaving any trace of navigation on the computer used. For the internet, your browser is being viewed, your IP is open and your browsing can be monitored.

Other features

Although the browser is designed to work seamlessly with Google, users can define other search engines through the settings panel. There is also the possibility to change the default font and language of the browser, and configure, if necessary, the connection options, Gears and much more.

Is that you?

What did you like most about Google Chrome? Any special features?