Google Chrome Dev 2.0

 simonGoogle just informed the availability of version of Google Chrome for beta-testers, among the novelties are the long-awaited forms auto-completion and autoscroll functionality.

Unlike the old versions in development, Google warns about possible flaws and instabilities in this new version. To update the browser, the user must again download channel changer and re-sign the development mode.

Below, the news that Google is preparing for Chrome 2.0:

  • New version of WebKit, with lots of fixes and new features like CSS
  • Gradients and reflections.
  • New network code. Google Chrome now has its own implementation of http network protocol (instead of using WinHTTP from the Windows library).
  • Auto-Completion of Forms.
  • Full page zoom.
  • Autoscroll. Center-click on a page to scroll the page in any direction.
  • Spelling correction system improvements
  • New HTTPS-only navigation mode
  • Experimental script support (similar to Greasemonkey)
  • Importing Google Bookmarks Favorites