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Google Chrome completes 2 years with great news

Exactly two years ago, on September 2, 2008, Google made available, for download, the first beta of its browser: Google Chrome. Small, light, fast and minimalist. Thus it was possible to describe what would become one of the best and most used browsers ever developed.

Still very simple, and without Linux and Mac versions, in just one week the browser reached two million downloads. Yes, technology fans were eager to test the novelty. In less than three months, the first stable version of the browser was launched.

Since then, the evolution of the browser has been amazing. Won versions for Mac and Linux, the possibility to customize the page New tab, themes, password manager, privacy control, native plugin for Adobe Flash and PDF, Autofill, automatic translation, HTML5 features and syncing bookmarks, themes, extensions and browser preferences. In addition, the extension gallery gained no less than six thousand options available to users.

To celebrate the two years of the browser, Google today released the stable version 6, offering users a browser three times faster than in its first beta. The minimalist interface was maintained, adding in a single button the two browser menus, a change in the display of URLs in the omnibox, in addition to a change in the color scheme of the browser.

?As always, we?re working hard to make Chrome even faster, and working on ways to improve graphics performance in the browser through hardware acceleration. With the Chrome Web Store, we hope to make it much easier to find and use great applications on the web. We have also increased the pace of our launches so that we can get new features and improvements for everyone more quickly, ?said Brian Rakowski, Product Manager at Google.

To download Google Chrome, go to If you already use the browser, don?t worry about updating it. He will do it for you. ?