Google Chrome competes with Windows?

According to Sergey Brin, Co-founder of Google, Chrome was designed to support the change where software that runs inside a Web browser is used instead of others that are installed locally and run under Microsoft Windows or another operating system.

“I think operating systems are an old kind of visualizing the world,” Brin told a group of reporters after a Google conference in Mountain View. “They have become bulky, so they need to do lots and lots of different things.”

Google believes that any task done on a desktop computer can be delivered via the Web and Chrome is the bet that software applications can be run through a browser. “We (web users) want something very light, with a fast engine to run applications,” said Brin.

“The need to install tools on the computer is decreasing,” added the founder of Google, although he assumed that he edits photos on his computer instead of using a program on the web.

Via: Yahoo! Biz