Google Chrome Beta for Mac and Linux

 chrome-128The day after surprising the internet with a real-time search engine, Google returns to the top of technology news with the release of the long awaited Beta version of the Google Chrome browser for Mac and Linux.

With the official availability of Google Chrome for all popular platforms, Google finishes one of the main steps to be able to expand its browser to new markets. “It’s been a long journey, but today we can offer some of the items on our users’ wish list,” said Brian Rakowski, Product Manager.

Chrome for Mac (Beta)

Although the operating systems are apparently similar, Google claims to have worked in a personalized way on each product. “We chose the great features of the Windows version to create a fast and polished browser for Mac – with features like Omnibox (where you can both search and / or type in addresses), with support for artist themes and, above all, speed” .

Another interesting point highlighted by the Google team was directly linked to the care in making Google Chrome a native application for Mac. To make this possible, the browser gained an integrated Keychain and Mac-style animations when opening the bookmarks bar.

Google Chrome for Linux (Beta)

Similar in functionality to the Mac version, Google Chrome for Linux has also gained special attention from Google, and especially from its engineers. “At Google, most engineers use Linux machines, and that certainly made it very clear how much they wanted Chrome for Linux.”

The version released on Tuesday corrects the problems that existed in the development version (example: Flash) and presents a better integration with the native themes (GTK) and the system’s package manager, responsible for operating system updates.