Google Chrome 0.4 implements Bookmark Manager

Bookmark Manager

Google released today for testing a new version ( under development of Google Chrome, indicated for restricted use by developers and beta-testers.

This version, which adds 3 new features, demonstrates Google’s concern to facilitate and improve the experience of using the product. Check out the news released for the company:

Bookmark Manager with Export / ImportWith the integration of a Bookmark Manager, users can now organize, search and have greater control over their favorite websites, in addition to making it possible to import and export this data in Chrome.

PrivacyThe privacy options are now grouped based on the features that can send data to other services. To check your settings, open the “wrench” menu, click on options and select “advanced settings”.

New pop-up block notificationUnlike the latest versions in which Google Chrome displayed a window for each pop-up at the bottom, this new version displays a small notification in the right corner of the screen with the number of blocked pop-ups. A notification menu allows you to open a specific pop-up, if necessary.