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Google Challenge New Face for Play Store Apps

After matching the number of apps in the Play Store with those in iTunes, Google turns inward and decides to rethink the design of the apps offered at the Android store. Within the Android Design in Action project, a competition was launched among the developers, encouraging the Android community showing off their skills by revamping the old apps in the store. The result could not give us more hope.

But before we put the weight entirely on the back of Big G, it is important to note that this spirit of improving Android-driven apps is now only possible due to the changing mindset of developers who undoubtedly saw a great opportunity in this market. % of smartphones. Below are the ideas that emerged from this friendly competition between app designers:

WhatsApp by Maximilian Salomon

The redesign of the WhatsApp application brings a simpler and more objective user interface. With two different Menu bars, one lower and one upper. Well, the WhatsApp team could be inspired by Salomon's creation and update the app. To see other images, visit the original Google+ post.

WhatsApp Enhanced Version for Android / Maximilian Salomon

Blogger by Marie Schweiz

The Blogger app has not been updated for over a year and Marie Schweiz brought a contemporary design to the app. The essence remained, the menus appear more accessible, as well as editing the content. You can check out the blogger repagate post and other images on the girl's Google+ profile.

Blogger innovates without losing essence Marie Schweiz

IMDb by Paul Burke

This is an excellent example showing that following the Holo design language does not mean that the application needs to lose any type or style that defines it. Check out other images here.

The IMDb app with significant improvements / Paul Burke

Titanium Backup Pro by Geng Gao

The backup application is always a mess in the bag for users, one of the reasons is linked to the difficulty of understanding its functions because they are cluttered and confusing. Thus, I highlight the work of this app designer, because when we compare the image we can see that the most relevant information was highlighted. Visit other images on Geng Gao's Google+.

Stylish backups! / Geng Gao

Using the competition tags on Google+, you can check out other creations: #androiddesign and #ADiA.

Which apps do you think should undergo a design and style update? Let us know in the comments below.

Teaser image: Dirk Schelpe /, Nico Heister / AndroidPIT

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