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Google Camera with HDR + j can be tested on more Android devices

Google pixel smartphones have numerous unique features, one of which is the HDR + mode present in the native camera. Google has not yet released this app for download from the Play Store, but a developer has managed to make some modifications to Google Camera's source code to make it compatible with more Android devices.

Your device is capable of having Google Camera, which is the native Android camera app. If you don't have it, this is a good opportunity to try it on your device. Developer B-S-G has managed to develop a functional port of version 4.4 of this app, only compatible with Qualcomm 820/821 or 835 processors.

The smartphone compatible APK is not rooted and can be downloaded from this link. Unfortunately, I was unable to test my Galaxy S8 +, which runs on an Exynos 8895 processor. However, the developer stated that the application is compatible with any model that has one of the above mentioned chipsets, such as LG G6 or Xperia XZ Premium, for example. .

nexus camera s8 plus flop
APK did not work on Galaxy S8 + with Exynos processor / AndroidPIT (screenshot)

HDR + mode stands out in this application for offering a really functional, real-time feature that gives the user a faithful result with regard to contrast and color. It's worth remembering that Google Pixel is at the top of the ranking of DxOMark, a website specializing in evaluating smartphone lenses and professional cameras, and part of this merit is in the smartphone camera app.

Also, if you are interested in testing other Google Pixel features and applications on your smartphone, I recommend you visit the tips and tricks article below:

And, did it work on your Android?

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