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Google Camera: New version brings timer and auto cropping

The app of camera Google has been an instant hit with 5-10 million downloads since its launch in April. Although the first version has renewed the interface and removed a number of features, little by little the application has been gaining new functionality, as now with the new version 2.2.

Google Camera apk 2 2
Google Camera reaches version 2.2 / Google

Users are reporting the automatic update of the application to version 2.2.024 which comes with a remarkable set of enhancements. The Google Camera interface remains simple and elegant, and has enhanced the popular Lens Blur effect. Although the new app has started to be distributed, the Google Play Store page has not been updated with the details of the new enhancements. However, we have listed the top new features added:

  • Normal size or cropped option (4: 3 or 16: 9)
  • New Cropping Tools Screen
  • Image Timer
  • Small icons of settings shown on user interface on first run
  • New panorama options – fisheye and wide angle

It is worth remembering that the feature of choosing image size affect the overall resolution. In Nexus 5, for example, 16: 9 can not only be captured with the maximum resolution of 6 MP. This varies depending on the phone you use. The splash screen after starting the application allows you to choose the cut, but this can always be changed in the settings.

The timer is back in the app. After hearing several complaints from users about the lack of the feature, Google has again implemented the (basic) option. The user can choose times between 3 and 10 seconds to capture the image.

google camera 710x413
Google Camera / AndroidAuthority interface

Google's camera app now takes advantage of two new types of panorama mode – fisheye and wide angle. These modes create new patterns in which the user must move the camera to create the desired effect.

If interested, Android KitKat owners can download the app from PlayStore or from the links: MediaFire, Mega, AndroidFileHost.

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