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Google Buzz to be closed (from time to time) on July 17

Google BuzzThere are products that are released ahead of time and others the wrong way. Among those that fit the first criterion, I place the Google Wave. Although many criticize the service that would be an evolution of e-mail, those who really got their hands dirty and used the service on a daily basis certainly miss the dynamics that only Wave provided. Despite his tragic death, at least Google knew how to leverage the best in it and incorporate it into other Google products and services.

Among those that fall under the second criterion, the first that comes to my mind is Google Buzz. That's right, that service that was added to Gmail for the purpose of making webmail a bit more social. His big problem, in my opinion, was that he was stuck down his throat, being enabled by default for everyone. It was only a matter of days before there was a widespread mimimi that Google was doing the wrong thing. I used and liked the service, but I never failed to agree that its implementation was not the happiest.

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In October 2011, Google announced that the service would be terminated and users would have a period to download the content generated there. It turns out that time is running out. In an e-mail sent to Buzz users, the search giant says that on July 17, the process of final elimination of the service will begin. According to Google, all public and private conversations will be automatically stored in Google Drive and made available to users.

Two files will be made available to the user. The first one will contain all posts, whether public or private, and be available exclusively to the user. The second file, containing only public posts, will be stored in Google Drive and accessible to any user who has the file link. According to Google, neither file consumes part of the 15 GB of Gmail / Google Drive. So, no mimimi. In addition, the user may delete it or modify access permissions at its discretion.

To date, service users will be able to view and delete your posts via this link. If you want to permanently delete Google Buzz and thus prevent automatic file generation, you can do so via this other link.