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Google buys Songza, online music service

The music streaming service Songza has just been acquired by Google for about $ 15 million. Although not officially confirmed, this was the value reported by the newspaper New york post 3 weeks ago Well below the 3 billion Apple paid to buy the Beats, acquisition completed last month.

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<p>The music streaming market has become increasingly hot. In addition to Google and Apple, companies like Deezer, Pandora, Spotify and Radio are also in the fray. According to an official Songza blog post, the team is very happy to be part of Big G:</p><div class=

We are excited to announce that we have become part of Google. We couldn't imagine a better company to be part of in our saga of providing the best soundtrack for everything you do.

Songza has been in New York for four years and as far as we know, Google has no plans to transfer the company to California for now. Unlike Google's current music service, Play Music, Songza offers its users its product for a monthly subscription, similar to Spotify, which recently debuted in Brazil. Now, Google will work on integrating its current services with those of the acquired company.

I'm curious if Songza could be your next favorite online music service, will it? What is your favorite music streaming platform?

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