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Google buys Emu to make Google Now smarter

O Emu It's a Siri-style messaging service. No sooner came out of beta and Big G already snapped up the idea. With him the Google Now to be even more autonomous.

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Soon your smartphone will react by itself without you having to talk to it. / Google, ANDROIDPIT

The brain behind this smart app is CEO Gummi Hafsteinsson, who has already worked on developing the Crabat Apple. What draws the most attention in Emu is its focus on artificial intelligence and mechanical learning, which results in the possibility of searching text content on the smartphone to make the user's life easier. Information such as restaurant recommendation, travel planning, and appointment management can be supported by Emu. He intends to be the assistant who waits in the background, watches, listens, and actively steps in when he can help. This is perfectly in line with the Google Now concept, and it goes one step further.

Anyone who knows Google knows that intelligent, autonomous information systems underlie the company's growth strategy. The Emu will significantly enrich the Big G assistant. In the future, Google Now may not only give suggestions, but actively interpret the information it collects (GPS position, messages, calendar appointments, etc.) and react best. way without the user having to do something. Let's say you're on your way to a commitment and a traffic jam forms. Google Now understands the possibility of delay and send unattended messages warning those involved.

This is just one example of what buying Emu can mean, as long as obviously users are willing to give Google even more permissions (and information). What do you think?

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