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Google begins releasing single downloads of ADB drivers

ADB drivers, or Android Debug Bridge, a set of tools, drivers, and servers that communicate with each other. With them, more advanced users can run command lines for Android from their computer, allowing ROM updates and installs to be done more conveniently. Now, instead of downloading an entire package full of unnecessary files, users can count on links to download them directly from Google's servers.

Many users have needed or will need ADB drivers to get some advanced access on Android. Those who use these tools more often know that until then it was necessary to download huge files or use Android Studio, for example.

The problem is that these transfers can weigh between 400MB and 1.6GB, not to mention that, in many cases, the user needs to update them or check if all files are functional. The good news today is that Google is hosting these tools on its servers, without the need to download Android Studio or the full SDK to use them.

The available files weigh a maximum of 4MB (.ZIP), and are already updated for use on Windows, Mac, and Linux. They were discovered and published on the developer's page. Elliott Hughes on Google Plus. You can download it from the links below (direct download):

As mentioned, files hosted by Google are safer, and you will have to worry less about keeping your drivers up to date. This may be good for MacOS users, for example, who won't need Android Studio anymore.

Have you used any of these tools? Want to root your Android?

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