Google bans nearly 600 apps from the Play Store for intrusive ads

Google bans nearly 600 apps from the Play Store for intrusive ads

Source: xda-developers Source: xda-developers

The Android app store, the Play Store, has considerably more applications than iOS's App Store. This is because Apple has a much higher level of requirements for approving some software for its mobile software store. Because Google ignores the need for a more rigorous method of selecting apps from its store, the Play Store is full of dubious programs.

Google recently removed developers from some of the 600 apps removed from the Play Store

In order to clean up the Play Store, Google continues to remove more and more apps that violate its policies or show incompatibility with the user's policy. In April of last year, it was discovered that several famous apps were abusing permissions and fraudulent ads. Now, according to the Buzzfeed News website, the company has removed approximately 600 mobile software from its mobile store, in addition to banning its developers for fraud and advertisements for mobile devices.

Google's senior product manager for ad traffic quality, Per Bjorke, told BuzzFeed that the removed apps were installed more than 4.5 million times and were aimed at English-speaking users. According to Per, many apps were utilities or games.

Google posted on its blog revealing that it has developed new technologies to prevent Android users from coming into contact with apps that have disturbing advertisements. The company recently implemented a new machine learning-based approach to find applications that show ads out of context to users.

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Source: xda-developers

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