Google awards the best apps in the 2019 Play Store

Every year Google launches a list of the top apps from the Play Store of the year, and this time was no different. We have separated some of the applications from this list and shown here for you.


The first category Most fun apps, and has image editing, chat and fashion apps.

21 Buttons

21 Buttons is a fashion social network, great for those who want to stay on top of the latest market trends, and also have the ability to buy parts directly through the application.


Available for Android and Chrome OS, Concepts is an app for those who like to draw. With it, you can create sketches, make illustrations, and even color drawings.

The second category a Best Hidden Treasures, with niche apps, but with a quality above average.

Come here

Possibly the most interesting application on this list, Vem CA is an accessibility platform, and features a variety of accessible cultural activities. Some of the activities include: sign language theater, audio description film and even free fairs. If you need or know someone who needs some kind of accessibility, how about recommending this app?


Morphin allows you to put your own face on some of the most popular GIFS using CGI technology. To do this, just take a selfie inside the app and choose the GIF to share where you prefer.

The third category Best apps for personal growth, which has applications that focus on self-improvement.


If you have trouble relaxing and sleeping, maybe Calm can help you: this app has breathing techniques, meditations and melodies to help you breathe better, relax and sleep more easily.

Drops Script

For those who want to learn a new language, Drops Script is a good option. Through it you can learn several other languages ​​such as Japanese, Korean and even Russian. The app displays the correct pronunciation and lets you draw the symbol.

The next category Best apps for everyday lifewhich, as its name implies, are applications for daily use.


This is a financial management app, and you can track expenses and earnings, analyze where your money is going, plan how to spend better, and access your bank information directly from this app.


Endel uses algorithms to create soundscapes that stimulate the mind in different ways, according to each object. There are 4 modes: Relax, Focus, On-the-go and Sleep.

The last category of Best app: popular votewhere the audience itself has decided which app is the best of the year.

The winner was the Dollifyis an app that has become popular on social networks, where you can create digital characters that look like you, some celebrity or whatever your creativity allows.

The last category is Best appwhere the Google team itself decided the best app.

The winner was the Angleis a guided therapy app, and has assessments to uncover strengths and weaknesses and use the right therapies to improve in the places needed.

You can check all participating applications in the Play Store. Is there an app you'd like to see on the best apps list? Comment down here! If you have any questions about technology, or want to share knowledge with the community, the Diolinux Plus It is the ideal space for that. Come join our community!

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