Google Audio Indexing: Voice Recognition in Video Gains a New Level

http://googlediscovery/Recently we report here Google Discovery is a new gadget for the iGoogle custom page that allows users to perform word searches on videos, while seemingly simple, the new technology puts Google in yet another innovative segment, as well as building additional functionality for its products and services, especially to Android.

According to the company, as a way to broaden the search experience, speech recognition technology has now gained a special page in Google Labs that lets you watch videos from various YouTube channels. O Google Audio Indexing, an experimental product, places users at the technology testing center by allowing localization of spoken words within videos, while facilitating access to video clips where words are present.

Google's mission “organize all the world's information and make it universally accessible and useful“And in the case of Google Audio Indexing technology is no different, Google marks the Internet story again by trying to make the spoken content of millions of accessible, searchable and more relevant videos.