Google Assistant starts testing news feature based on user mood

Considered the best virtual assistant of all, Google Assistant has been increasingly refined and gaining new features. The evolution of the Mountain View company's virtual assistant is clear when we compare the current version with previous versions.

And the evolution doesn't stop, as Google recently started testing with a new feature in its Assistant that aims to brighten people's day. The test is to bring good news to users who are stressed, bored or not having a good day. To do this one just has to say: Hey Google, tell me something good and the Assistant will read something to make the day happier and happier.

Trials are already starting in the United States, and according to the Android Authority website, the results were good considering that the feature is still in a beta phase. The first tests were conducted on a Google Home Mini and showed results with good news of how crimes are being solved around the world, how problems are being solved and new discoveries to improve people's lives.

Of course, the results will be different for each user, as the assistant will be based on each person's preferences and research. So don't expect to hear loving or beautiful phrases if you don't search for these topics.

As the tests are still at the beginning, it is likely that it will still take time to be implemented in the Brazilian Portuguese language. However, it seems to be a good thing to hear something good on terrible days, especially at this bad time our country is in.

And you, what do you think about this new Google Assistant?