Google Assistant gets visual refresh with more touch interactions

O Google Assistant It's widely regarded as the best of virtual assistants, but that doesn't mean its creator is resting: Google today announced that the tool is gaining a store bath that makes it more functional, prettier and smarter on all platforms including iOS.

The main reason for the change comes from a relatively new discovery from Google: The company realized that while its assistant is mainly voice operated, users still use touch to read supplemental information, make extra adjustments to scheduled appointments or messages. dictates, and so on.

Therefore, Google Assistant interface is now the most responsive to touch, with new controls and options accessed directly from there without the need for you to go to a particular application for such a task. Here is even a message setting screen which allows you with a few taps to customize a dictated message to the Assistant before sending it to your contact.

In addition, the assistant has gained touches from updating the Material Design, with custom fonts, rounded elements, more shadows, and breather blanks; images displayed by the tool are also much larger and partners like Starbucks and Food Network are taking advantage of this by displaying even more prominent menu or step-by-step recipes.

Google Assistant news has reached all platforms and you can download your iOS app for free from the App Store. What about?

Google Assistant app icon

via Engadget