Google Assistant gets lots of news, now talks to Maps

Google Assistant on Google Maps

You can now use Google Assistant in conjunction with the Google Maps app. This is literally a hand on the wheel for those driving, as it can focus more on the road and less handling the smartphone.

Among the new features, you can now call Google Assistant directly from the Maps app without touching the screen, and do things like ask your way home, the service, or to some establishment or address. Google already tells you the arrival time and traffic, already starting the navigation. It already works in Portuguese.

assistant maps
Al, it's coming! / AndroidPIT (screenshot)

It also gives, in addition to sending messages via SMS or messenger, to control the music, requesting new tracks, a new artist or controlling the playback. I must have chosen a standard music app before. It works in Portuguese, but the results are still pretty shaky.

Finally, how to send your ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival, Estimated Arrival Time), to friends, relatives, and others, just using your voice. This feature I was only able to make it work in English, and it only sends as many minutes to the arrival, not the map for real time tracking.

This goes a long way with the new car devices Anker and JBL have launched at CES that make their car "smart" and always listening to Google Assistant. It should not arrive in Brazil so early (if it arrives), but it should not be complicated to import.

Google Assistant with Lock Screen

Unique feature of Pixels, it is now possible to activate the Wizard with the screen locked. When I tried this on my smartphone, it would show me the notification that before the screen needed to be unlocked, or simply turned off Voice Match. No more.

Natively, the Assistant can, with the screen locked, turn alarms off and on, search for establishments on Maps, and more. If you prefer, you can also enable more sensitive data, such as traffic data for work, calendar, among others. It should arrive in the next few weeks.

Interpreter Mode in Google Assistant

If Google Translate is the app that has already helped many people travel without even mastering foreign languages, the Assistant should take this facility to another level. Interpreter mode allows translation of instant mode conversations.

For now, they will only be available on the Google Home Hub smart display, and can stay at hotel receptions, for example. Just go and say "Hey Google, be my English interpreter" in your language, for example, and the gadget will start translating out loud, in real time, what you are saying.

assistant interpreter
Less mess in hotels / Google

It is still being tested at the Hub, but it is expected to become popular later this year, arriving on more smart displays and Home devices in the coming weeks. Supports several languages, including Portugus.

Google Assistant helps with travel

A function that should still take time to reach Brazil is travel assistance. By asking "Hey Google, show me your boarding pass", the Assistant will give you route information, in addition to storing your boarding pass, notifying you of check in time (and doing so if you speak "Hey Google, please check in on my trip ") and notify flight operators of delays.

Google Assistant Connect

Google Home already works with 1,600 brands and is on over 10,000 devices. Now in late January, reach the 1 billion mark of appliances in which it is present. With this popularization step in place, it's time for Google to make things easier for developers.

This is not the same as the Android Things platform, made for more rugged smart home devices, but a platform for integrating Google Assistant into devices that normally would not have access to it. for simpler appliances.

eink assistant
Can stay in your fridge / Latestly

Connect is a platform that should help those who want to develop using Google Assistant, making the process easier. The idea is that the Assistant reaches many more devices, even the simplest ones. For CES, Google has demonstrated an E-Ink display that only shows Assistant information in text. That is the idea.

Google Assistant miscellaneous improvements

Not yet expected to reach the Portuguese, there are functions such as the Assistant being able to understand your breaks and use them as commas and periods when sending a message. And speaking of them, the Wizard works with more messengers like Facebook, Viber, Telegram and others.

assistant context
Assistant have more noo / AndroidPIT (screenshot)

The context of sentences is also being improved. With the example Google gave, I could tell the age of an actor and his wife in just one sentence. It is also improving the understanding of voice in noisy environments, and this is something that is really needed.

Google Assistant in Portuguese exits Beta and also arrives at Google Home

Coming first to the Pixels, many months ago Google Assistant in Portuguese was slowly coming to more Android smartphones. Still in Beta, the functions of the wizard could be mixed with another language to complete the uses that did not exist in our language.

Apparently, the arrival of Google Assistant in Portuguese is now official, and now it can be accessed from any smartphone that supports this feature available, in various versions of Android.

There are numerous commands that can be executed through the Assistant, which replaces Google Now with One Touch. So just say "Ok Google" and the engine will recognize your voice and execute the commands. We have an issue with these tips:

google assistant english
Google Assistant in Portuguese on Moto Z3 Play / AndroidPIT (screenshot)

What's more, the biggest surprise comes to Google Home, which gets almost full support in our language. Although it is not officially sold here, any device of the line you buy, either abroad or in Brazil (on sites like Amazon and Mercado Livre), already has many commands in Portuguese.

In our tests, Google Assistant on a Google Home mini responded and interacted seamlessly with all of the system's native commands, and only performed poorly when asked about third-party product issues such as smart lamps. These, however, continue to work in English if you mix the two languages.

How to use Google Assistant in Portuguese

To leave your Google Assistant in English, press the home button, which usually triggers this function. When the Wizard appears, tap the compass that appears in the upper right corner, and then after you see the three-point menu in the upper right corner, choosing Settings.

Tap Assistant, and then Languages. Choose Add a Language and select English. We recommend that you also choose the English language to improve searches in that language.

Google Play Services
Install on Google Play

And, were you able to use Google Assistant in Portuguese on your Android?

The purpose of this article is to gather in one place all information about Google Assistant. Thus, updating and republishing this subject will become necessary over time.

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