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Google Assistant could replace Siri on iPhone 8

The website AndroidGuys states the impossible: Apple could fully integrate Google Assistant into iPhone 8. According to a linked source at Cupertino's company, "the launch of iOS Assistant during Google I / O 2017 was just the beginning."

At Google's developer conference, the search giant's virtual assistant support for iOS was announced. So far, only Apple users in the US can count on such a service. Our team had a chance to test the Assistant on the iPhone 6 Plus, and although we can count on some of the key features, use is still quite limited as it bumps into integrating the service with the system.

In this case, Apple allows only Siri, its artificial intelligence (AI) assistant, to have full access to the system. But that could change on the iPhone 8.

That's because, according to sources, Apple would be working with Google to use Google Assistant instead of Siri. It is not yet known how evolved this process would be. The source of AndroidGuys I was not able to tell, however, the limits of the functionality of Google Assistant on the iPhone, but said it should be similar to what we have today between Huawei and the integration of Amazon Alexa on their devices.

In addition to the full support of Google Assistant, it has also been announced that we will have the announcement of three variants of the iPhone in 2017: the iPhone 7S, iPhone 7S Plus and iPhone 8. The latter comes as a Premium version of the series.

Opinion by Camila Rinaldi

Google Assistant's full integration with iPhone 8 won't happen now.

Already shared my opinion about Apple's advancement in developing its AI assistant here on the site, I think the company is really behind in that area. Google Assistant is one of the most advanced services we have on the market today, especially as the search giant has so much data and users to streamline the machine learning process and thus evolve its Assistant.

However, Apple has just launched HomePod, a kind of Google Home, whose assistant AI to Siri. It would be a great contradiction to open the system to Google when the company is struggling to market Siri powered products, right? Therefore, I believe that the full integration of Google Assistant with iPhone 8 will not happen, at least not now.

What do you think?

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