Google announces the end of Google+ Games

Game Over: Google announces the end of Google+ Games

When Google+ launched, many people complained about the lack of games on the service. After all, Orkut and Facebook already had a good arsenal of games available to users and, as we know, there are a lot of people who keep a social media profile just to play.

Thinking about it (or not), Google announced, in August 2011, the launch of a type of game center on Google+ called Google+ Games. I confess that I must have played at most five times in the service. Even having games like Angry Birds, I always preferred not to play on social platforms, with the exception of Colheita Feliz (I think that was the name) on Orkut, but that is beside the point.

The truth is that the gaming part never took off and, over time, many ended up migrating to other platforms, or simply abandoning the boat and leaving users who liked the games in hand. There are also some very bizarre cases, such as the TubeHero game that, when accessed by the user, asked for the credentials of the Google Account to then direct the user to an app on Facebook. Yeah…

I don’t know exactly if it was Google’s strategy (super right, in my opinion) to keep users’ Stream without that flood of game notifications and automatic posts appearing in the Stream (as we all know that there is on Facebook), if the thing «Did not catch» or simply went crazy on Google, but the fact is that the company announced that Google+ Games will be discontinued from June 30.


In fact, the company made (not very) clear that the decision was made due to the launch of such services for games on Google Play. The idea is to copy following Apple’s example and be able to gather as much information about the games played by users, increasing competitiveness and possibly the use of games on Android. I am not a lover of mobile games (perhaps due to the size of the screen), although I like to play a little on the tablet. But the fact is that I was very happy with the company’s decision to launch its “Game Center” for users of the little green robot. My question is: if Google+ Games had worked, would Google kill it, or would it simply integrate it with the new service?

According to a post made by the company, users who have made some kind of payment for the games (who remembers the green coins?) Should contact the company responsible for the game for more information on what to do and, perhaps, how to request reimbursement. of the amount invested. In addition, Google suggests that users try to find out if the same game is not available on other platforms (if the person is addicted: p).