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Google announces Portuguese Assistant and more!

For the first time, Google held an event in the city of So Paulo to showcase some of the company's services and products that were developed or adapted for Brazil. The company brought in engineers, developers, and executives from various countries who work at Google to tell us a bit about how Big G wants to contribute to the country's technological growth. Check out some news and highlights of the event below.

Google Assistant in Portuguese

Luckily, we'll have a Portuguese version of Google Assistant soon. The news was anticipated by Google executive Ben Gomes, who confirmed that the tool will reach models with Android Nougat and Marshmallow within the coming months.

There is no specific date for the arrival of the Assistant in Portuguese from Brazil, but we are already happy with the efforts Big G has made to adapt its main services to our language. Please note that the Assistant can already be used to a more limited extent in Portuguese within Google Allo.

AndroidPIT Google assistant 9262
Google Assistant arrive at rev in english / AndroidPIT

Voice calls on Google Duo

You probably think few Brazilians use Allo and Duo, right? Not so much. Google's new video calling and messaging apps are popular here. Moreover, we are among the countries that most use both applications. To further assist users, especially those using slow internet connections, Google is adding audio calls to the Duo.

This feature is well-used on WhatsApp and Hangouts, and will be welcome on Google Duo. The news is coming soon for Android and iOS from in-app updates. Another interesting feature that users can use Allo to share files in different formats, such as APK, MP3, .ZIP, PDF and others.

Google Maps

My business

Google Maps is based, among other mechanisms, on the so-called Machine Learning, which technology that understands and processes information in images, data and content is useful to the user. Google is investing in two news related to Maps, and one of them exclusive to Brazil, My Business.

According to the company, users have difficulty finding phones and small business addresses, which do not yet have websites or pages on social networks. If you search for something regional, from your neighborhood, on Google Maps, it is unlikely to have the correct phone number for your establishment and its opening hours.

google for brazil business maps
My Business / AndroidPIT

To contribute more accurate results, Google is launching My Business, which builds a free web site in 10 minutes for those interested. The tool can be accessed at and, when created, the site will be integrated with searches and also with Maps results. This unique tool in Brazil, free and will help both users and small businesses.

Share Location

You have certainly sent your location to another user via WhatsApp, right? Google Maps will soon win the Share Location tool, which will allow users to share their routes and locations in real time.

This sharing is not limited to location only, but it is possible to track the travel of any contact in real time, or then find it at some specific point. Routes and information are provided by Google Maps, and you can limit the viewing time of your location to a group of people or an individual user. This is one way Google has found to make users find themselves in crowds, or that they can track each other between different routes.

google for brazil maps share location
Share Location / AndroidPIT

Waze carpool

Waze, acquired by Google a few years ago, is also expanding its investments in Brazil with new services. The platform is responsible for a 27% reduction in congestion in the city of Rio de Janeiro. Now, the news that comes to the country to make life easier for users is Waze Carpool, which works as a shared ride service. This modality exists only in Israel and San Francisco.

Through it, users can help each other with real-time information about the availability of surrounding fuels, similar routes that can be shared and so on. This mode is similar to Bla Bla Car, which is a shared ride service and has been present in Brazil since 2015. The news will soon arrive at Waze through updates.

google for brazil waze
Waze Carpool arrives in Brazil / AndroidPIT

Google Photos

Slow connection backup and sharing

Google Photos makes life easier for those who use the slow backup photo backup system a lot. The app will offer photo storage and sharing on lower connectivity at lower resolutions. This type of process is currently impossible in irregular connectivity, mainly due to the size of the images.

google for brazil android
Google Photos for Android win backup for slow connections / AndroidPIT


New YouTube Space in Rio de Janeiro

The folks at Google say that Brazilians are one of the top countries that consume the online video platform. To be more specific, we are second only to the United States. There are 139 million people connected daily to the site, which generated a profit of R $ 400 million for content producers in 2015. This revenue comes from the ads included in the video, which are part of a partnership program between Big G, producers and hundreds of advertisers.

Google currently has a training center that can be used by YouTube channel owners. YouTube Space, currently present in So Paulo, will win a new unit in the city of Rio de Janeiro, in Porto Maravilha. The new venue will provide all the technology structure needed for the content production and post-production process for YouTube, with necessary stadiums and equipment.

Cabify and Google search posts

Currently, you can check taxi and Uber routes and fares on Google search. The news that users can now check values ​​and availability for Cabify, Uber's competitor, and also trigger it through Google Now.

Another new feature announced by Google is posts, which will allow annotations to be added at specific tourist spots and locations by users. Google already has over 50,000 site reviews that users have made, now they will be part of the site search and gain greater visibility.

And what did you think about the news from Google?

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